About Hayward

My parents, Don Schaller and Elsa Hards met as portrait artists working at Knott's Berry Farm in the 1950's. They married, moved to Oakland, had me, and for the rest of their lives worked as sign painters, display artists, muralists, interior designers and builders, housepainters, and also had a series of art studios where they painted commissioned works and taught small art classes. My father, Don Schaller, painted portraits, landscapes, still lifes, miniatures, murals, designed and built Mountain Charlie's Saloon in Los Gatos, restored the portrait of Mtn. Charley (which needs another restoration) and even painted the top of the Seattle Space Needle before the World's Fair in 1962.

My mother wished to be a children's book illustrator, and came to California to attend Art Center in Los Angeles. She was disappointed to find that the curricular focus had shifted from draftmanship and te